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TAO Group of Companies

The TAO Group of Companies (“TAO Group”) is a Canadian owned and operated group of companies. The TAO Group consists of a parent holding company, TAO Group Holdings Corp., with four operating subsidiaries: TAO Asset Management Inc., TAO Admin Corp., TAO Administration Inc. and TAO Solutions Inc. Each subsidiary provides specialized services to participants in the Canadian structured finance and credit markets. Each branch of TAO Group is composed of recognized, leading experts in the North American securitization and structured finance markets. With years of experience and specialized expertise in structuring, administration, credit and risk management and securitization technology solutions, TAO Group is equipped to provide clients with exceptional, innovative services.

TAO Group Holdings Corp. is indirectly owned and controlled by its principals, Ken Toten, Albert Ottoni, John Abraham and David Allan. Each of TAO Asset Management Inc., TAO Admin Corp. and TAO Solutions Inc. is majority owned by TAO Group Holdings Corp. The remaining shares are held by management of the respective operating subsidiary company.

TAO Administration

Niche provider of bespoke administrative services for the structured finance industry.
Visit the TAO Administration Website

TAO Asset Management

Tailored capital markets advisory and Structured Finance services.
Visit the TAO Asset Management Website

TAO Solutions

Dedicated and focused provider of unique software and processing solutions for the Canadian financial services marketplace.
TAO Solutions offers sophisticated products that add operational efficiencies and rigor to complex and burdensome processing requirements. Consisting of a team with unparalleled depth of experience in capital markets technologies, they endeavour to bring leading-edge solutions to market that allow companies to concentrate on their core competencies.

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